NPier, France, born in 1983, Photographer


I am passionate about architecture, history and adventures. My pictures are the representation of those passions and all my discoveries through my travels.

Since childhood, I've always had a camera in hand to capture moments of life. More recently, I've tried to capture places where time seems suspended. Fascinated by abandonment and dereliction, I believe that beauty in decay demonstrates the fragility of life.

Those places always appear to be anchored in a different reality than our present day-to-day. Although they seem deprived of life, they are not completely asleep. This confusion augmented by the light, the complex composition, and the textures of the interior represent a recollection of forgotten splendor.


Feb 2019 - Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, USA

Oct 2018 - Réfectoire des moines, Tournus, France

Sep 2018 - Passion Photographique, Tournus, France

Aug 2018 - Pré d’ART, Montjay, France


2018 - The Chelsea International Photography Competition, Finalist

2018 - «Passion Photographique» Photography Competition, Jury Prize from Mr Philippe Salaün

2018 - «Patrimoine Louhannais» Photography Competition, Jury Prize (patrimoine insolite)


Feb 2019 - Comtempory Art Curator Magazine